lesson pricing and schedule


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Lessons Pricing

Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, & Catching

Private Instruction with Kevin Sprague $50/30 minutes
 Ed Hearn  65/30 minutes
SZ Club Team lesson Kevin Sprague $45/30 minutes
Non member Private Instruction with other Instructors $45/30 minutes
 Ed Hearn SZ team  $60/30 minutes
other instructor  SZ Club Team Member $40/30 minutes


Lesson 10 Packs

(10 Packs expire 4 months from date of purchase)

10 Pack with             Kevin Sprague $450 10-½ hour lessons
 10 pack with             Ed Hearn  $600
10 Pack SZ Club Team Member $375 10-½ hour lessons
10 Pack with other Instructors $400 10-½ lessons
 10 pack SZ club team Ed Hearn  $550
10 Pack SZ  Club Team Member $350 10-½ lessons