2018 tryouts
All baseball tryouts 9u-14u will be held Sunday July 15 at Strike Zone Turner Field 5805 Metropolitian ave KC, KS
We are using a new tryout App that allows data tracking of the players and allows us to send feedback and statistical results back to parents. Evalkey charges a $10 fee per player to use the app, but it will give you valuable feedback about their performance and areas they are strong and areas they need to work at.  You will have to pre register by using the link next to the age group you are trying out for. You will try out for the age group you are going in to and not the one you just finished.


  • 15u will tryout Monday July 16 at Turner field  (5805 Metropolitian Ave. Kc KS)  @6:00    Click here for 15u tryout 

  • 14 U AAA,AA July 15 6:00-7:30 click here for 14u tryout 

  • 13U AAA, AA and A July 15 5::00-6:30

    click ehre for 13U tryout

  • 12U AAA, AA, and A July 15 4:00-5:30

    click here for 12U tryout

  • 11U AAA, AA and A July 15 3:00-4:30

    click here for 11U tryout

  • 10UMajor, AAA, AA and A July 15 2:00-3:30

    click here for 10U tryout

  • 9U Major, AAA, AA and A July 15 1:00-2:30

    click here for 9U tryout

  • 7&8U date TBD contact Kevin Sprague kevin@strike-zonebaseball.com
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    Strike Zone facility offers 10,500 sq. ft. of training space with multiple tunnels and fielding areas. As part of our club program we offer an extensive year round training program for the development of your player in the game of baseball. We have an outdoor field for year round outdoor training on fielding and learning game situations. We also offer a very extensive indoor training program through the winter focused on the development of hitting pitching and fielding mechanics. We have also partnered with Earnest Jackson of IRISE fitness to conduct our year around sports performance training. IRISE fitness is 4500 sq. ft. of athletic sports training area connected to Strike Zone Baseball.

    For more information about your team becoming part of Strike Zone Call or text 913-706-1194 or 913-745-6101 or email keivn@strike-zonebaseball.com

    Strike Zone practice field parking instructions:

    2 of these ball fields are on the private property of Strike Zone coaches and in their yards and neighborhoods. They have been kind enough to let Strike Zone build ball fields and use their yard for our teams practices. With that comes some responsibility and appreciation for that.
    If players and parents do not follow the expectation they will not be allowed to come to practice and then will not be invited back to the team next year. I cannot loose the right to a ball field for all teams to practice because we do not follow a drop off pick up procedure.

    Harding Field: Strike Zone instructors and Head Coach only can park at the metal out building in left field. park to the sides and not in front of any Bay doors. the workers need access to get in and out of the building with trucks and trailers.Everyone else park at Horizone Elementary School 7210 Chouteau, Shawnee KS. if you are dropping off do so at Horizone Elementary. do not drop off or pick up in front of the field. the ball field is located past the tree line on the south west corner of the school.

    Smith field: 5959 Woodland rd Shawnee KS: do not pull in to or park in the neighbors driveway on the south side of the house that goes back by the field along the property line. all cars will drop off in the driveway and allow they son to walk to the back ball field. if the driveway is full make a circle in the neighborhood across the street until there is an available space in the driveway. do not park in the street. Shawnee cops are up and down that road constantly and will ticked you and tow you for parking or stopping in the bicycle lane.

    Smith field practice rules: there will be balls that go in the neighbors property to the south. make sure they all get picked up. They do not want to hit baseballs with their mower. coaches will have to pick them up. there is a large gravel pile that is not safe for the kids to be on and the property owner does not want any players past the gravel road near the rock pile or metal out building.

    Turner field: address 5805 Metropolitian ave KC KS there is a full parking lot to park in.  Field is on top of the hill on the south side of Metropolitian ave directly across from the Turner USD 202 maintenance building

    Titan field: address 11865  Conley st Olathe KS . can park in the street along the ball field

    WYCO:(this is where we will hold scrimmages) 10100 Leavenworth RD KC KS 66109


    Hours of Operation

    Strike Zone is a member only facility with no walk in availability. If you are interested in becoming a member or renting a tunnel please email

    Kevin Sprague kevin@strike-zonebaseball.com



    New arm strength and velocity program.

    Classes run December – March as an off season program for arm health and adding velocity. This is the most extensive program available covering arm strengthening exercises as well as core strength and mechanical training. There are 4 phases to the program that will lead your player right into the best season they have had. (For ages 12 & up.)