Speed and Conditioning Training

Earnest Jackson’s athletic talent and drive have been on display for over a decade.
Having been a Kansas all-state running back and junior-college football player,
Earnest took advantage of a great opportunity to learn and observe high-level
training techniques and tactics that were used to create stronger, faster, and more
disciplined athletes. In turn, he has crafted these learning’s into his own style and
became of the top personal trainers for athletes in the Kansas City area and
Earnest would describe his “coaching”style as encouraging but focused on performance and strength
performance. He has a passion for group personal training – displayed in areas like “boot camp”
workouts, where he has an opportunity to lead by example.


  • Develops and oversees fightGLOBESITY’s Recreational Activities division
  • Co-founded iRISE Health & Wellness
  • Devised the vision for iRISE Performance as well as oversees the day to day operations
  • Discovers new ways of providing client services with greater efficiency and technology

Earnest’s significant achievements include:

  • Launched iRISE Performance plus secured and utilized industry best training equipment
  • Coaches well-known professional athletes in helping them achieve personal best seasons
  • Trains and mentors the number one high school running back in the State of Kansas
  • More than hundreds of high school athletes he has trained have obtain collegiate sport
  • Under Armor Combine Training iGNITE360 Certification

iRISE Performance impacts ALL Athletes! iRISE

  • Performance focuses on effort based, 360 degree approach to
    Group and Team Training designed to teach athletes how to
    train with purpose and push to the max!!!!