“Coach Kevin is a inspirational powerhouse who is growing leaders of boys into men through baseball. Kevin’s skill of communicating and bonding with the boys at any level to first ensure they understand the fundamentals before moving on to advance mechanics, and game strategy. While excellence is expected, Kevin treats the boys with upmost respect while motivating the kids to strive for greatness and personal growth and greatness on and off the field.  Kevin genuinely cares for his baseball family. ” ~Garen Armstrong

“My son’s been working with Kevin for just two months and he’s already improved his mound presence, his mechanics and his ability to command and locate the baseball. Kevin quickly established a good working rapport with Shae and does a great job of providing an appropriate amount of positive reinforcement while demanding excellence. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we know we have a good resource in Kevin. ” ~Mike and Shae Stephens

“Coach Sprague has an uncanny ability for breaking down mechanics into simple teachable steps. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and instructors and Kevin’s unique approach has led to rapid improvement for my boys. As a parent the thing I appreciate to most about Coach Sprague is that he is always positive and has a great sense of humor, which makes learning easier, faster and fun.”  ~Joe Duffy 

Great guy… knows how to explain things to kids so they understand and they can implement. ~Steve Bass


This is a great batting cage. I had a birthday party there. It was the BEST PARTY EVER!!! ~Toni Leonard